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Unrivaled Gourmet Cheesecakes for Health-Conscious Lifestyles

Teev-O-Nee provides gourmet vegan cheesecake and desserts in Washington, DC. We are top of the line vegan eating that offers the finest options in the area. With years of experience and study in the world of dairy-free dessert making, we are on a mission to provide gourmet vegan cheesecakes for raw vegans, plant-based food lovers, and health-minded individuals that are both wildly appetizing and good to the earth. We strive to push the art of vegan eating with exceptionally gourmet yet environmentally conscious cheesecake that rouses the senses. We know it’s possible to provide world-class raw and vegan desserts that don’t cause harm to our planet. We know this because we plan, prep, and make desserts that do so every day, and you can, too.

Natanyah Young

A Passion for World-Conscience Cuisine

I am Natanyah Young, creator, and founder of Teev-O-Nee. I am passionate about plant-based vegan cuisine, especially desserts. I was raised in Dimona, Israel where I studied under many plant-based vegan chefs while perfecting my craft. This deepened my commitment for creating healthy, delicious, and eco-friendly desserts. Food is art, and plant-based vegan cuisine is an expression of that art, particularly desserts.

In 2001, I returned to the United States where I began educating local communities in the District of Columbia and Maryland areas on the benefits of a plant-based vegan dietary lifestyle. I enlightened people on how to balance and maintain a consistent consumption of plant-based vegan meals and desserts free of refined flour, grains and sugar, processed oils, dairy, eggs, and gluten. People should know the benefits of a diet filled with fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds with a daily dose of exercise, rest, and healthy desserts.

We’re more than a gourmet vegan food brand specializing in desserts. We are a way of life.

The Perfect Balance of Health and Fantastic Taste

At Teev-O-Nee, we believe in the power of INDULGING WITH A CONSCIOUS. Our belief is you should not have to compromise taste for the small things in life like enjoying something rich, creamy, and delicious. There is nothing quite like treating yourself to real food that just makes you feel good.

We want to bridge the gap between health and nutrition. Our goal is to have our customers INDULGE in life and real food to the fullest. Teev-O-Nee wanted to create cheesecakes that take the traditional tastes and flavors we all know and love and transform them into treats we can feel good about eating, long after they are gone.

That is why all of our Handmade Cheesecakes are raw, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, and have no refined sugar.

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