I am Natanyah Young, creator and founder of TEEV-O-NEE. I am passionate about plant-based vegan cuisine, especially desserts. I was raised in Dimona, Israel where I studied under many plant-based vegan chefs while perfecting my craft. This deepened my commitment for creating healthy, delicious and eco-friendly desserts. Food is art, and plant-based vegan cuisine is an expression of that art, particularly desserts. 

My Return to the United States…

In 2001, I returned to the United States where I began educating local communities in the District of Columbia and Maryland areas on the benefits of a plant-based vegan dietary lifestyle. I enlightened people on how to balance and maintain a consistent consumption of plant-based vegan meals and desserts free of refined flour, grains and sugar, processed oils, dairy, eggs and gluten. People should know the benefits of a diet filled with fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds with a daily dose of exercise, rest and healthy desserts. 

TEEV-O-NEE is more than a gourmet vegan food brand specializing in desserts, TEEV-O-NEE is a Way of Life. 

A Way of Life